We Will Value Your Customer

Passion for your product, quality and service is never more important than in the optical industry. An industry that is often in the headlines, is highly regulated, and more importantly can have a real impact on people’s day to day lives. Your customers’ expectations need to be met, if not exceeded.

This is why at Insight Lenses our team will always value your customer as much as you do. We understand what it means to be at the front end managing your customers’ expectations.  This is why as part of your account with us, we have a built in ‘dispense assistant’ that will guide you through the ordering system, alerting you to potential problems such as ‘consider RX’ if the chosen lens index is out of range.

If we can work together to get it right first time, your customer is going to leave your practice happy, and is more likely to remain a loyal customer. By assisting you to keep your customers happy, you are also likely to remain a loyal customer to us. This is why when a job goes wrong, no matter where the fault lies, we will do our utmost so that your customer leaves your practice happy.

See our report on ‘Help us to help you get it right first time’; 37 years’ experience in the industry working with a large number of optometrists, coupled with owning one of the largest lens manufacturing labs in the UK for over 13 years, really does prove an invaluable asset when working with you!