We shall endeavor to dispatch against all stock lens orders received before 3.00pm on the same day, Monday to Friday.  All RX lens orders are usually delivered within 7 days from date of receipt if ordered before 3.00pm.

Orders will be dispatched using DHL, and if requested we can arrange for 9.00 am, 12.00pm or daytime deliveries on your account. All deliveries will have a tracking number.

A goods delivery note will accompany all deliveries and will detail all goods supplied with individual net prices per order reference. In the unlikely event that you have been charged incorrectly, please notify us at your earliest convenience so that we can remedy the error.

Please note that delivery charges will apply to each delivery and will be determined by the tariff used i.e. 9.00am/12.00pm delivery, and weight of each item.

 A full tracking service will be available against all of your orders through your Account Area so you can see with ease which orders have been received by us each day, what is processing, what has a query outstanding, and what has been dispatched.

In the event that goods ordered have not been received by your practice, please notify us within 7 days of date of dispatch (shown in your account area).

Goods returned for credit:

Goods returned for credit must be done so within 28 days of date of purchase and must be in the same condition as when originally supplied (this does not apply if returning under our guarantees). Please ensure the following are enclosed otherwise regrettably, credits cannot be applied.

·         A completed goods returned for credit form

·         Original delivery note

·         Original lens packets

·         Original lenses

Payment Terms:

Insight Lenses should receive payment no later than 30 days from date of invoice, unless prior permission has been granted. Should payment be continually late, Insight Lenses reserves the right to put your account on stop until all outstanding payments have been brought up to date.


 Ownership of all lenses ordered and supplied under your account number will remain the property of Insight Lenses until full payment has been received.



At Insight Lenses, all of our products come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects as standard. Please note that in the unlikely event that you need to return lenses for credit/replacement under this warranty, due care and attention must have been exercised both during the glazing process, and by the patient in caring for their lenses. Problem areas to look out for:

During glazing:

· Ensure that lenses are not placed in trays without their protective lens packets. This is often how lenses initially become scratched through the movement of the loose frame against the lenses.

· During glazing, excess pressure on the suction caps from the edging equipment can cause a shadow of ‘pad marks’ to be impregnated into the lens coating; this cannot be removed with any amount of cleaning.

· Scratch marks arisen due to ‘slippage’ of the screwdriver during reassembly.

· The use of heat lamps to make adjustments and reset the frame; excess heat can cause the coatings to break down.

Patient care:

· Direct sunlight/excess heat (leaving glasses in a vehicle in sunlight), extremes of temperatures, the use of hair spray, abrasive cleaning fluids, abrasive cleaning cloths can all cause damage to the lens coatings.

· Incorrectly handling of rimless glasses during cleaning and whilst removing them can cause undue stress on the lenses that can result in hairline cracks.

In cases where we believe due care and attention has not been exercised, regrettably we are unable to accept responsibility for damaged lenses.

Varifocal None-tolerance guarantee:

We also provide a none-tolerance guarantee against all our varifocal lenses. If returning lenses for this reason, please note that a replacement/refund will only be applied if all of the measurements provided during ordering have been correctly applied during glazing, i.e. fitting heights and PD, and there is no visible damage to the lenses.

In all cases where lenses are being returned under our guarantees, please note that if a replacement is requested, only the same prescription and any original heights/PD can be supplied.  Please ensure the following are enclosed:

·         A completed goods returned for credit form

·         Original delivery note

·         Original lens packets

·         Original lenses