Tokai 1.76, the worlds thinnest lens!

Tokai’s 1.76 lens leads the world in the ultra high index category.In pursuit of the thinnest and lightest lens possible,Tokai have successfully combined this new 1.76 index material with it’s in-house premium progressive and single vision designs, moving this level of lens technology to new and undiscovered heights. Tokai’s 1.76 lens material is specifically designed for patients looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and precision optics.
The Tokai 1.76 index lens is a truly ground breaking material, and comes as standard with Tokai’s premium SPS easy cleanand super scratch resistance coating!


  • The Worlds thinnest lens
  • Tintable to 85% ABS
  • Made in Japan
  • UV400 filter built inside the monomer
  • Tokai’s premium coating: SPS
  • Available in 
    • Aspheric single vision stock and Rx
    • Free-form Bi-Aspheric: optimised aspheric design
    • Premium free-form Progressives: Tailor made designs




The Super Power Shield coating or SPS, was created by utilising Tokai’s latest thin-film technology. It’s a revolutionary new coating which provides the lens with a superior scratch resistance. It also protects the lens against invisible edging cracks that could occur during the edging process.
Thanks to the Super Power Shield coating, the lens is effortlessly easy to clean: the coating has a super hydrophobic action, which is ultra dust and oil repellent.