Tins & Mirrors

Tinted Lenses

At Insight Lenses we are able to offer your patients a variety of tinted prescription lens colours that absorb harmful UV rays, and offers eye potection for their every days needs. Choose from a solid or graduated colour. 



Grey lenses ensure natural colours and offer protection in all weathers.


Brown lenses warm colours and enhance contrasts, offering a good level of protection in all circumstances.

Yellow lenses enhance contrast in fog or low light conditions. Ideal for driving.

Blue/mauve lenses are stylish and fashionable, providing good protection in moderate sunlight.

Pink or red lenses are an alternative look for night time or low light conditions.

Dark Green enhances contrast in natural light. Excellent for sports like golf.

Our Mirrored Lenses

Our range of sun mirrored lenses offer high-tech protection without compromise allowing you to offer your patients more choice of fashion lenses that at the same time, protect their eyes from ultra-bright light as well.